Thursday, August 25, 2005

new perspective

recognize this perspective? probably not but it is me - a top view of of my lower half. i like to scrap random things.

life is about seeing things in different perspectives and about learning. it doesn't matter if it is as complicated as differential equations or as simple as a new recipe. try something new, don't be afraid to try out something new in life. after turning 30 and leaving my corporate job, i have felt a sense of freedom to try new things. i still worry but my attitude towards life is different.

my DH and i have this dream of one day just deciding that we want to move somewhere - maui or new york city - a change of pace - a change of perspective but it is hard even for us b/c we are planners but i haven't let go of that dream yet. i think one day we might do it. it would be no harder than starting MR (although running it from either place would be difficult LOL but i will worry about that later).

for now, we are finalizing our plans to still do that 50 miler on saturday and being the charmer i am, i think my DH might do it also. but we have laid down some ground rules b/c the last time we rode the 150 mile ride, he and i about broke up b/c i bike a lot faster than him and lost him in the first 3 miles when he ate my dust. he was pissed. i argued that it was not my job to babysit him. i have grown a bit more compassionate in my old age - i told him i would wait for him but i would be pushing him 110%...

so we will see...something new - another new perspective...


At 8/25/2005 11:45:00 PM, Anonymous Heather M. said...

You go girl! I hope you enjoy the ride together!

At 8/26/2005 01:25:00 PM, Blogger Jessica S. said...

I don't think my DH would agree with the DE. :) Thanks for the reminder that we need to try something new!! Hope you and your DH have a nice bike ride!! LOL!!!


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