Monday, August 29, 2005

1/2 a century

well, we DID IT! my DH and i managed to do the 50 mile bike ride to spite getting up at 4 am, getting lost, a run in with the dude parked in front of us and having to sit on a bike for 3+ hours.

but it was a super nice day and the hotter n' hell wasn't really hotter n' hell! it was funny to watch 10,000 bikers of all shapes and sizes at the start. it took us about 30 mins to even get to the start line. ppl where there with $10,000 bikes, with $200 bikes. there were ppl that were 70 and even some as young as 7. there were seasoned riders and weekend warriors.

it was nice. i didn't lose my DH during the ride. my butt hurts still but it is that sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing something. i'd do it again in a heart beat but my next conquest will be the dallas half marathon in nov i think...

...some other addictions i have started picking up include photoshop. dang it if i don't now find myself going to B&N to read some scrapping magz i don't have and pick up some PS books/magz too! this hobby has a hold on me. i don't think i will ever become a digital scrapper but i love learning about the tool b/c i was tired of looking at it sit on my desktop laughing at me. it was time for me to laugh back. i think i have graduated from PS toddler to PS pre-schooler! look out world!


At 8/29/2005 10:08:00 PM, Anonymous Melissa said...

whoo hoooo! Way to go, Caroline and David! That is such a cool accomplishment!!!


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