Thursday, July 07, 2005

new shoes!

some girls love to buy jimmy choo shoes and other pedicure friendly shoes but not i. it is time to retire my old asics gel trainers. you can literally see the bottom of the shoe and i was feeling it during my run last night. i could feel every bit of concrete. it was time about 100 miles ago! so with my coupon in hand i went online and bought these two fab pairs. the first ones the asics gel foundations are supposed to be good for ppl with FLAT feet (or "low arches") that is me. i am nervous about buying w/o trying them on but decided to take a chance. the second pair are my good old gel trainers (model IX i believe)- those puppies are smooth like lotion and super light.

i should get these in about 3 days! i can't wait! i will be stylin' the streets during my runs in these! no excuse that my ankles, knees, hamstring hurts from bad shoes!


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