Wednesday, July 06, 2005

how many engineers does it take to run MR?

you know you have heard those jokes! care to guess? well if you count me and Deb there ar 2 engineers and one accounting persons (me - chemical engineering; Deb- civil engineering and MBA) and if you want to add our DHs who help out when needed then you add another chemical engineer, a political science major and one lawyer - so what are we missing - LOL! There are 3 ACC schools (Ga Tech, Duke and UNC) here along with UNM and two higher up schools (Harvard and Stanford) represented here.

We have experience in Supply Chain Planning, logistics, Project Management, Corporate Legal Stuff, Regular Old Engineering, Dot-com Start-ups, Raw Materials Planning among us - some would say we would be unlikely candidates for a company like Maya Road but we think of it as the base that gets us where we need to grow this business.

When Deb and I were little - we didn't really play with Barbies (first of all b/c we didn't have any for the first 8-9 years of our lives) and secondly, we were in pursuit of um , a different sort of playing. Here is one example - we used to play BANK. You heard that right - BANK. You might wonder how a bunch of 7-8 year olds play BANK (we dragged our neighbor into this too) -well the premise was that we each owned a bank and printed our own money and even made our own checks (with duplicates of course courtesy of carbon paper). We even devised faux ATM machines and we would take turn depositing money into each other's accounts. How is that for a game!? We also were inventive.

Remember those good old slip and slides - it was like a big piece of plastic and I think a banana squirted out water for you to slide about 15 feet on the plastic. Our parents wouldn't get us one. So we made one- out of tent stakes and 5 garbage back. Our secret ingredient for good slidin' was - DISHWASHING SOAP. That was so much fun and let me tell you that the soap make slidin' a whole lot easier (and foamier)...

BUT along with games like these - we did craft shows, juried craft shows a couple of times a year. We used paper clay WAY before it was popular here making jewelry. We sold origami crane earrings for $2.50 a pair. We sold polymer clay dolls at a boutique in downtown Charleston, SC on consignment. So to that, we were somewhat crafty.

So that is why MR is a great fit for us. We can create but we can also do the other stuff too. Everything in balance.


At 7/13/2005 08:02:00 AM, Blogger CarrieZohn said...

And just WHEN were you in South Carolina that I wasn't aware of it? (I know, I know ..... LOONNNGGGG before you met me LOL). :) It's so cool to get a glimpse into your life. :)


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