Tuesday, July 05, 2005


i love lots and lots of different colors. take these mega Ric racks we will be releasing at CHA. Each one represents a mood, an emotion to me. when i see others design - be it a product line of papers or using those said papers to create page, i wonder "those COLORS look so great together - how did they think it up?". deb and i run into the same issues ourselves. there are literally millions of colors to pick and choose from - how do you come up what is best for you - when it is all said and done, you have to make a choice and go with it and embrace it; don't fret for the opportunities lost but believe in what you have and what you have to gain...

i have actual samples in my hand today to feel, admire, critique and use - all for CHA next week. so i better get to work - i will post what i create... but in the meantime, here is *project of the day* that i wanted to share - a project with some more circles as well as MR ribbons and our new wire flowers...

the mug was only $2.50 at my local hobby lobby. it stands a good 10" tall. it was in the kiddie section and came with 3 pictures for the kids to color. i just used one as a tracing sheet and traced it onto patterned paper. i added random bits of ribbon and our new wire flowers and a large monogram "j" cut out of cardstock - glue it all together and stick in your mug and you are done!


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