Tuesday, July 05, 2005

flowers make each day brighter.

before i starting talking excitedly about our new flowers, i just wanted to give a shout out to seth - a friend of mine from my previous work life - can you believe i am bloggin'?

... getting back to flowers - they are the universal language for a whole lot of things arent' they? from first dates to weddings to "i'm sorry" to graduations to proms to funerals - flowers add a touch of beauty in the happiness and sadness of it all...

which is why deb and i went a bit "flower crazy" this time around for CHA. for example - these wire flowers. i love, love, love them. from the fact that you can actually CLIP with them to the handformed quality to the "dipped to give them a gunmetal (matte) " look.

as always we try to offer some variety and these will come 6 in a signature tin with 3 styles (2 of each)


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