Sunday, July 10, 2005

... i am sleepy

it never fails after a big lunch of sushi, i feel the need to sleep... but i need to get my big pile of stuff ready for cha which includes some reading materials.

ok, i will admit it - i am a magazine JUNKIE. i used to read books but i find that magazines give me that little smidgen of reading - of beginnning and ending that i need. some of my interesting reads include:

runner's world
national geographic
scientific american
auto week
road and track (these last two are b/c my DH gets them)
cooking light
vanity fair

then there is the total fashionista mags i also read:
marie clare
etc etc

ONCE in a while, i will feel the need to get all my gossipy out in one big swoop and i will read
in style

then of course the SBing ones - almost all of them

people will often ask me how i come up with all my ideas - it is from the library of things i have read throughout the years. all of it adds up!

so this flip flop album - all these ideas plus looking for inspiration from other people's LO - all brought me to this! inspiration is really everywhere (just like those magazines were all saying!)


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