Saturday, July 09, 2005

got running?

i ran today which to most that know me is not a big deal. i have been running for about 10 years now seriously - the addiction started when i was an intern at a company in a small western town of texas. not much to do in the evenings so i took up running...

since then i have done a lot of running from races in santa fe, nm to a 5k in san fran to running in the snow in a small town in germany... but today was different for me. i haven't run this far (9.3 miles or a 15k) since the first week in nov. i had a severe hamstring injury that took me out of doing the dallas marathon. typically i am one to just grind through the pain but i decided to listen to my body and what it was saying. "take a break, c" it kept saying. so i did.

exercising is one of those things for me - once you get into a habit, you wonder how you ever lived without it BUT once you get out of it, you wonder how you ever did it. this 9.3 miles was a turning point for me. nothing much hurts now (except my feet b/c those sweet shoes i talked about earlier STILL aren't here).

i also am one of those run alone ppl. my DH joins me on the bike and we will meet up every couple of miles so i can get some H20 and snacks (thanks DH!) but i love to run alone. clears my head, starts the creative juices flowing. i don't mind running with friends but i prefer to run alone.

but the SWEETEST part was when i got back and deb sent me a pic of some of our FINAL CHA summer releases! and i do believe these are my favorite. i will post them later tonight. i am getting pumped for CHA - like running it is about getting into the groove again...


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