Friday, January 19, 2007


um yeah, i am not a stylish person - ask my DH - he spends more time in the primping area than i do. when i go for haircuts, i am honest with my stylist - fast and fun. i do not blow dry my hair. i do not style my hair. my hair cut needs to be so that if i pull it back to run, i need to have it so there isn't hair flying in my face.

and dressing up? well for me that is dressing down. i stopped wearing my 3 inch roach killer shoes (as the guys at work would call my shoes with the point in the heel and at the toe) when i hung up my belt in the corporate world. i am back to wearing my funky stuff.

and to carrying my funky bags.

so when i saw this the other day, i had to get it b/c i could put a Layout in it! i have had this picture of noah and i for about 3 months now. it is one of my faves. and it needed the perfect setting. and i found it with this bag.

i will have this bag at the show on display - does noah not have the BEST faces? and does MR not have the best chipboard and rubons - LOL!

this is totally cool and totally me.

so goodbye you pencil skirts, dry cleaned shirts and pantyhose - hello to me!


At 1/19/2007 03:19:00 AM, Blogger scrap 67 said...

I wanna have this bag he is good looking so do you and Noah too.
Hugs Greetje

At 1/19/2007 09:37:00 AM, Blogger Laura Vigliarolo said...

I'll take my ugly crocs over heels any day, and I think I only own one skirt any more.

At 1/19/2007 10:16:00 AM, Blogger Shirley said...

wicked cool! so glad that we went from business to business casual but would kill to be able to wear jeans, t-shirt and crocs to work!

At 1/19/2007 11:42:00 AM, Blogger Andrea said...

that bag is too awesome! i can't wait to get some of that new chipboard, it's gorgeous :)

At 1/19/2007 05:05:00 PM, Blogger patti said...

Hello you!!!!! I think you are very stylin' C! and I love love love that bag! Looks divine with that layout in it!

At 1/19/2007 07:55:00 PM, Blogger iralamija said...

your work is beautiful!


At 1/20/2007 03:32:00 AM, Anonymous Prolix from la Normandie said...

you're right, totally good idea!
once time, I made this for searching a job, with a scrap digi printed sheet telling "I'm searching..." into a bag. Everybody looked at me of course with curious eyes. I didn't found what I wanted, but I'm sure nobody could forget me, even if it's not what I searched! bwahaha!!! ;oD

But I'm fond of this!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

At 1/21/2007 07:52:00 AM, Blogger fleurie said...

lovin that bag caroline

At 1/21/2007 10:27:00 PM, Anonymous melissa diekema said...

very, very cool bag, caroline!
heels, schmeels....


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