Tuesday, January 09, 2007

how about a sneakie?

...argh i am sick, deb is sick and CHA is what like 3 weeks away?

oh well onward and upwards! anyhow i wanted to share a small peek at something we are releasing at CHA. this is our new velvet ribbons with a cool stitched edge! a nice twist to the stitched ribbon don't you think? it is pure LUSH ribbon heaven? sorry for the scan but it was the best i could do at like 3 am! (smile).

deb and i lost count last night at the number of products we will have. it will be upwards of about 75 we think. and this year is going to be an important year for us i think. i am hoping that deb will get to quit her full time job and join me on this MR thing full time. we have some goals that we have to meet first for that to happen but please be thinking about us. we would both want this very much for MR's sake and for our boys' sakes!

so be thinking of us as we buckle down for this next tradeshow.

more soon!


At 1/09/2007 01:50:00 AM, Blogger scrapcat said...

love the velvet ribbon! looks like it would be great for some valentine's projects!

At 1/09/2007 07:55:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the new ribbon, but then again I don't think I've met a ribbon I didn't like. Good luck at CHA and I hope you guys start feeling better soon.


At 1/09/2007 09:19:00 AM, Blogger patti said...

*thud* *swoon* that ribbon is utterly delicious C! When I close my eyes I can feel it! Great job! Good luck at CHA (not that you need luck when you have mega talent). Feel better soon -- try to eek out a wee bit or rest amongst your heavy schedule!

At 1/09/2007 09:57:00 AM, Anonymous wendy said...

oooh maya road velvet....so delicious!

i'm so sorry you two are sick. i hope its short lived for both your sakes.

i can't wait to see all the new goodies at the show! are you bringing the boys?

At 1/09/2007 09:58:00 PM, Blogger Andrea said...

i'm so sorry to hear that you and Deb and sick...praying that you'll both be better soon!

but WOW! i soooo love that velvet! just amazing :)

At 1/10/2007 01:07:00 AM, Blogger Lacintha said...

that ribon is gorgeous, C...good luck at CHA..you guys will floor 'em!

At 1/10/2007 07:43:00 AM, Blogger Shirley said...

Hope that you both feel better ASAP! It's a crummy feeling. LOVE the new stuff. Guess my MR shrine will have to be moved into a larger container/storage unit! ;)

At 1/10/2007 10:05:00 AM, Blogger Melissa said...

Get better soon (both you and Deb!). I bet you are just dying to dig into all the yummy stuff you have there for CHA! Thanks for the sneak - it looks delish!

At 1/11/2007 08:32:00 AM, Blogger Abby the "supermom" of 5 (6 if you count DH) said...

Ooh, new ribbons....new products....you're killing me (well at least my bank account)! I can't wait to see the new releases. Absolutely love your products! I hope you and Deb get better soon...and I wish you a prosperous year with Maya Road!!!!

At 1/11/2007 09:45:00 PM, Blogger Lana said...

Man O Man, I love your products...just you mentioning 75 NEW products makes my heart race. I can hardly wait.

You and Deb will be in prayers for the goals to be reached so you both can be at MR Full Time. God Bless!


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