Monday, October 02, 2006

random musings from someone lacking sleep.

ok, so it is 1 week before MT and things are crazy. i am tired but also calm in a strange way and well to calm me down, here are some random thoughts i had today - in no particular order.

1. why is it when we need our product the most, the freakin' container gets stuck in customs (yes, this means all of our inspiration ribbons and sheers are there just waiting to be released now for oh 2+ weeks).

2. why do some people not realize that WHEN YOU WRITE EMAILS IN ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME THAT IS SCREAMING AND QUITE FRANKLY ANNOYING (so being the bugger i am, i write back in all caps).

3. why do i own a scrapbooking company yet barely have time to scrapbook (life is ironic, isn't it?)

4. why is it that after you have a baby, you can't be rewarded with bouncing back into the shape you once were before you had the baby (i am in a bit of pain after 1 hour and 45 mins of a soccer game).

5. is the world getting warmer b/c this 90F weather in dallas in october is killing me!

6. why is it that some people do not know how to be thankful to save their life?

7. how can i not spoil a little baby noah who looks like this:

we bought him a bouncer this weekend on the advice of his doctor - and he is up in the air about it but at least he can bounce himself to sleep sometimes!

8. why did i see some chick wear a shirt yesterday that said "keep dallas pretenious" - um ok, whatever.

9. is the next trade show really next week?

speaking of, deb has a lot of sneaks on her blog! so check it out here:

i will only speak of one of my sneaks b/c i am decorating it now - remember a couple of months ago, i talked about running and this crazy idea came to me? well we MADE IT! it is a chipboard binder album but heart shaped! so instead of a standard 4" x 4" or 5" x 7" - it is literally a heart one that is 6" wide! i love love love how it came out! i haven't finished decorating it yet but will post as soon as i do! funny how the great ideas come at the most random times!

ok, it is back to the grindstone for me! look for a RAK by the end of the week on this blog!


At 10/03/2006 12:50:00 AM, Blogger Anam said...

busy lady. love the sneak peeks. cool photo. as for containers with your stuff - we had it done to our belonging s at montreal so i know the frustrations. hope MT goes really well for maya road. have fun.

At 10/03/2006 07:23:00 AM, Blogger Tamara said...

very busy lady...and what a cutie Noah is!

And about the other stuff...sometimes people are horrible, sometimes Murphy's Law just strikes at the time you think you might be on top of something. Roll with the punches and hope you don't come out too bruised in the end!

Tamara in Oz :)

At 10/03/2006 07:26:00 AM, Blogger Laura Vigliarolo said...

Love the picture of Noah, have fun at MT can't wait to see all the new stuff when it comes out, and to give you a little heads up Cass is going to have a talk with you about your challenge, a few of her customers have started doing it :), by the way how are you doing on it?????

At 10/03/2006 07:58:00 AM, Blogger Shirley said...

can't wait to see the new album! adorable picture of the little guy...just wait until they bounce so much and so hard that YOUR fillings feel like they'll fall out of your head. ;)

At 10/03/2006 10:17:00 AM, Blogger MonaS! said...

love the sneak peeks and I cannot WAIT to see the new album!!! Great picture of Noah! Hopefully your stuff is released to you soon!

At 10/03/2006 10:41:00 AM, Blogger Heather B. said...

Keep Dallas Pretentious?!?! Why am I not surprised! lol Must have been North Dallas! I think it's a spinoff of the Austin slogan "Keep Austin Weird" for all the eccentricities of that city.

At 10/03/2006 04:13:00 PM, Blogger Jayme said...

Yummy yummy yummy peeks!!!! I hope you have a great show at MT!

At 10/03/2006 09:34:00 PM, Blogger sherlonkahkai said...

I know what you mean ---- these 90+ degree days in fall are gonna kill me!

Love the new Maya Road goodies you and Deb have been showing sneaks of. Lovely stuff.

At 10/04/2006 07:07:00 AM, Anonymous Melissa Diekema said...


At 10/05/2006 05:50:00 PM, Anonymous Rachel Greig said...

Love the sneak peeks! Have fun at Memory Trends!!


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