Sunday, October 01, 2006

the art of creation...

... did you know "maya" means "the ART OF CREATION" - yeah that is a pretty cool beans meaning for our company - we weren't sure when we came up with the name what it meant but when we looked it up, that is what we came up with.

so, um yeah memory trends is in about oh a week. and well we are getting ready. or as ready as a little company like ours can be. we are excited about this one b/c we are FINALLY having a truck deliver our stinkin' booth on a couple of pallets. that is a big deal for us! that means no dragging 60 boxes to fedex to ship and then having them end up in no man's land. we haven't graduated to a crate yet but we are thinking and dreaming about it. soon, we tell ourselves, soon!

i think one of the BEST part of this trip will be the fact that ALL of the grandparents will be going to las vegas to chill with noah and jonathan - my parents, david's parents and deb's david's parents. and noah and jonathan will get to meet and play while the parents work. LOL.

i was just telling david what an awesome reality show it would be to follow the grandparents around b/c well let's just say that all 3 sets cover the SPECTRUM of personalities and likes and dislikes. for example, my david's parents are not really fond of chinese food. and deb's david's parents must have chinese food for almost every meal. then add in a splash of my crazy dad, BONG (yes, that is his name and no he is not named for the smoking pipe) and my mom and you have a CRAZY reality show. we could sell this to MTV and be done with maya road - LOL!

i am also prepping for my classes in regina, canada in early nov (4-6th) ; here is a peek at one of my projects:

i am going to be teaching at an event put on by lana at the LET's GET SCRAPPIN' store there. what a sweetie lana is - i can't wait to meet her in person. i have 3 classes i will be teaching and i think those that have been in my class will say they have learned lots of different techniques and i am NOT afraid to pull out the glue guns - LOL! if you are interested in going to the class and want to reserve a spot, email me at - my other two classes will be on a "my road to love" coaster album and a " things i love" album. both have come out really cool and i am really happy with them. i think all my students will be too.

ok, it is late, i am off to bed. for those who have requested to purchase one of my kits i mentioned 2 posts down, you will all hear from me by tomorrow! i just went to the PO today to get some boxes so let me get them packed and i will email ya'll!


At 10/02/2006 07:49:00 AM, Blogger Shirley said...

Too cool! Have a great time teaching!

At 10/02/2006 12:06:00 PM, Blogger Heather M. said...

I totally LOVE what Maya means - that is perfect for your company! I hope all the prep for MT is going well and that you have an awesome show!!!!!
Make sure you take your toque to Regina too - it will probably be even colder than Edmonton at that time of year. Love those pens! Such a great idea! I need to create some like that for gifts!


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