Wednesday, November 30, 2005

customer service...

...i have wanted to post this for a while but i haven't had a chance to before now. even now a half a world away, i am worrying about our customer orders. this is for a couple of reasons. but i have something to say that well will be the honest truth in the matter. when it comes to me - i have been trying hard to work on how i treat customer service people. this goes for a charge that was wrong on my CC, someone at walmart who argues with me whether the diet coke is $0.97/ 2 liter or $1.15/ 2 liter (i have this insane memory skill so i am only wrong about grocery prices 5% of the time) or whatever.
...and well for deb and i to take this 2 week trip to asia to work on Maya Road and our future isn't easy. right now we have the support of awesome friends to try and field calls and message and check on deliveries but i lie awake worrying about stuff b/c i TAKE IT SO PERSONALLY.
... and here in lies the problems. i really like to take care of our customers. i think you will find instances when we totally go out of our way for things that cost us money to make it work for our customers. sometimes that comes at the price of 4 hours of sleep. but we have worked hard at this... so it truly upsets me when a customer is rude to me on the phone. there is no need for it. it won't get you any further up the line of when your order will ship. but i will say, we remember all of the ones who have been kind and understanding to us and for those, we will go the extra mile.
... i will give you an example. we had an international customer that we had shipped a pkg to and 10 days later the pkg was returned b/c fedex had an error online that day we processed it and all international barcodes didn't process. i emailed our customer and she was so kind to say " i understand, not your fault" and i told her i was away in asia and didn't know if i would be able to access email. but she understood and we spent the money to ship the items to her UPS express...

i guess the moral of the story is but kind- it won't hurt you and it truly goes a long way. and for those of you who are our customers, thanks for your kindness. it means a lot. and the good news is the rest of our stuff arrives at the end of this week!


At 12/01/2005 09:23:00 PM, Anonymous Heather M. said...

That's really cool that your customer was so understanding. I try really hard to be kind to everyone I meet because you just never know what they've been through.


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