Friday, September 23, 2005


one of the perks of having your own scrapbooking wholesale company is the chance to make stuff you really love to us (and to fondle the merchanise LOL)... so i was going through our new stuff that just arrived and i pulled out some of these - our new chipboard sets! deb and i truly believe in a couple of things :

  1. 1. quality (the type A personalities here)
  2. 2. value - we have no qualms about being thrifty
  3. 3. design and function

i am hoping to explain how the chipboard sets you see here fit all 3! these are the 2 chipboard sets we released at CHA summer.

there is the foundation set and the blossoms set. and YES they come in the super cute and functional Maya Road tins you see HERE (the tins are 4" x 6" x 1"). when we were talking about designing these, we wanted to offer consumers something neat and of great value. each set comes with 36 pieces but as an added bonus the FRAMES around each of those pieces for a total of 72 chipboard shapes you can use.

the pricing is very good too. you can get all of these - 36 shapes + the 36 frames + the tin for about $7 (dunno what it will cost in foreign countries so don't quote me on that). i have seen similar tin sizes being sold just plain for $3-$4 each!

and just for you blog stalkers, just WAIT to see what new sets we have for Memory Trends! (wink wink).


At 9/23/2005 01:00:00 PM, Blogger Jessica S. said...

you're such a TEASE!!!! LOve the chipboard!

At 9/23/2005 05:27:00 PM, Blogger Gretchen said...

this is just way to cool! :)

At 9/23/2005 05:41:00 PM, Anonymous Shirley said...

OMG! I swear you guys need online shopping!

At 9/23/2005 09:34:00 PM, Blogger lee woodside said...

Oh you are such a tease. Can't wait to see whats released at MT

At 9/24/2005 12:19:00 AM, Anonymous Heather M. said...

Wiping drool off keyboard! LOL! These are GORGEOUS!

At 9/27/2005 11:36:00 AM, Anonymous Mary M said...

ooooh, I want some of those little cuties! Yummy yummy accents!

At 10/03/2005 10:53:00 PM, Blogger marygrace said...



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