Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Type A personalities...

Ok, so I will admit to having a type A personality (those driven, aggressive, competitive ones)... well I guess even in the type A personality there are genres and sub-sets of those so I guess really I am an A minus type A personality. Except when it comes to running.

Did you ever have a feeling "hey this is something I might be good at"? That is how I feel about running. I can remember feeling this way even in elementary school. I could outrun the boys when we played tag. I captured the flag in an intense game at Bible Study (lol!) Now, I will never be Paula Radcliffe or Deena Kastor or Prefontaine but I am decent. Except for my flat feet. Rumor has it flat feet people run slow. I am out to dispell that myth.

I do find however, that as I grow and get older, I run for different reasons. Used to be I would seek out local races (5ks, 10Ks, 15Ks) to do and I wanted to WIN (ok at least place in my age group) but it is different now. I haven't done a race in a year - that is a long time for me. But I still go out and pound the pavement when I am worried about MR or something else or I need to shift into creative mode. So all my medals sit in my office collecting dust now but perhaps, it will come back to me - I want the feeling again like in this LO. I want that A+++ type A personality when it comes to running - it will keep me from being that way in other aspects of my life (LOL!)

Ok back to work...


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