Monday, July 25, 2005

state of creativity

this is proof i am not a neat creator - you can see my paints, glues, stamps, inks, cardstock, etc all here. this is the state which i choose to create. some might get lost in the chaos but i thrive in it! i don't really plan out pages before hand - i just see what i have laying around and i use those elements creatively in my page - this is not for everyone.

i do wish that i could create in that "pottery barn"-esque environment. but i can't. i do go through and clean up after each LO but i think this is an interesting snapshot into myself. how i thrive on stress on chaos and rise up from it all.

there is no one way to create. accept that and you have won half the battle. what works for someone famous or someone you know might not work for you. i spent many years trying to fit in but i finally GOT IT - it didn't matter. don't sweat the small stuff.

so ask yourself - what environment do i like to create in? standing up? sitting down? - how do i like to do my pages - looking at inspirations? sketching out? just jumping in? - how do i like to organize - neat fashion? semi neat? organizing - what is that?

i know my answer. (smile)


At 7/26/2005 11:53:00 AM, Anonymous Heather M. said...

That is SO me, Caroline!!!!! I totally create like that! Too funny! I'm glad I'm not alone. I was feeling bad for how messy I am but ya know what, you're right - that's just who I am and what works for me!

At 7/26/2005 02:19:00 PM, Anonymous Heather B. said...

My scrap space almost ALWAYS looks like that! Well, except for this very moment! I haven't had a chance to muck it back up after my tidy spree! Create away! Creative people arn't very tidy, and tidy people are not very creative - thats my motto!


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