Thursday, July 21, 2005


i first starting keeping a journal in my junior year of HS - b/c i had to for a summer for a honors english class. at first i resented it. i thought it was stupid. but of course, i wanted an "a" in that course so i obliged. and the idea of the journal from the point of view of my HS english teacher (ms morris) was that it wasn't supposed to be one of those " today i ate lunch at wendy's. it was good. i also bought clothes that looked cute" (blah..blah...blah...) it had to be more than that. and it ultimately turned into more than that - it turned into my journal of dreams, fears, self-esteem issues, my "when will i be a butterfly and have boys notice me as more than the math whiz" place to jot down my thoughts... thinking back, some of my journal entries were more like scrapbook pages (we got points for creativity and i remember hot gluing tons of silk flowers to my journal entry)...i went back home a couple of years ago and looked at my journals before i threw them away. i kept thinking to myself "wow, those problems are so small now" and "how can you feel so insecure about yourself". but i am a butterfly now. butterflies still need a place to write notes and conquer bigger fears.

so i made this today - a $1.50 target journal with some of our new MR goodies - the chipboard flower, the flower stamp and our ribbons. simple yet stylin' - like me. easy to make and so nice to see how i can use our stuff to make cool new stuff!

so this is the project of the day - if you want directions, email me!


At 7/26/2005 12:02:00 PM, Anonymous Heather M. said...

It's so pretty! I love the flowers! I'm not much of a journaler. I try but I have about 6 journals with a few entries here and there. I usually buy a new one thinking, "this is it! I'm going to start" but it only lasts a couple weeks and then I start slacking again! DOH!!!
I think homemade journals like this would make awesome birthday/Christmas gifts!


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