Tuesday, March 20, 2007

here is my 15 min LO

this will be quick as i need to go pick up mr noah - i did this LO in less than 15 mins from start to finish. i sometimes will challenge myself this way to get the mojo flowing again.

i used a piece of beautiful FW paper that i had been saving, some stickers and maya road chipboard and stamp.

this LO was about my baby noah and uncle. my uncle was one of those that you knew loved you but would pinch your cheeks and stuff (and be loud) - while i was sorta scared of him as a kid, noah was not. my uncle LOVED it. he would hold a cold glass in front of noah and noah would rather be fearful grab it and try to drink it. when my uncle clapped and talked loud, noah didn't even blink - so you can see they got along splendidly!


At 3/20/2007 07:15:00 PM, Blogger Robyn W said...

wow good job...........might have to me a mini challenge like that and see what happens

At 3/20/2007 07:29:00 PM, Blogger Shirley said...

fun! they don't care until they get older. LOL!

At 3/20/2007 09:07:00 PM, Blogger Laura Vigliarolo said...

Ok, so how do you do it between the phone ringing the kids wanting you, or the dogs needing to go out??????

At 3/20/2007 09:19:00 PM, Anonymous heather M. said...

too funny! love the title!

At 3/21/2007 10:19:00 PM, Blogger Andrea said...

You'd did an amazing job...15 minutes...WOW! When i saw your layout earlier today i so tried to make a layout in 15...i couldn't do it, it took me 45!
Have a great evening :)


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